What are you doing now that you’ve graduated?

*This was inspired by another friend’s blog post* As my mother would say “Whatever I damn well please.” Honestly, my current answer is SLEEP! I feel like after four years, switching my major, dropping a major to a minor, three fashion weeks, a presidential debate, three internships and a bunch of extracurricular activities later, I … More What are you doing now that you’ve graduated?


As the title says, and as I promised in my podcast, I would share with you some of my favorite kale recipes. Now I know so many of you get queasy at the thought of kale anything, but i promise you it is so worth it.   Baked Kale Chips           … More KALE YES!!

Lessons Learned

I’ve started spending more and more time in the weight room lately, which unfortunately as a female means that more men feel like they have to come up and correct me. I’m going to preface this with saying that I’m sorry for the impending rant.   Ok… Here we go. A few days ago I … More Lessons Learned

Staying Hydrated

I’ve mentioned before that hydration is the key to life. I started noticing that even I haven’t been getting enough water in my daily routine. I keep having to “force-feed” my self water sometimes and set reminders and it’s just not fun. I finally figured out some fun ways to stay hydrated. I purchased the … More Staying Hydrated

Feeling Swole?

There’s a new trend in growing muscles (thank god!) This new trend has gotten more women into the gym and pumping some serious iron than ever before. It’s about time we started paying attention to these striated beauties. But the real question, is how can we properly take care of them? Well, let’s start with … More Feeling Swole?