My name is Tova and I am truly just an ordinary millennial. I am a Hofstra University Graduate and to say I don’t sleep (yet have great time management) is an understatement.

I started this blog as a class project, but decided to keep this going post-grad. I have recently found a new love for fitness and I am so excited to share not only my progress, but also my journey with you.

My entire life I was a ballerina, for 17 years of it in fact. I danced not only through high school, but also through three years of college. I had to quit after a hip surgery, and the threat of a second one from my doctor. Let’s just say, I chose the option of “walking when you turn 25.” After that, I hit a wall where I couldn’t exercise, but was still eating like I could.

Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty, so I have found my way back to fitness, building strength and truthfully the most important, body positivity.

My promise to you is to bring you fitness related posts, whether it’s trying a new kind of class, a new recipe, or even new clothing companies.