I’m Back and Better Than Ever

The last few weeks have been a little hectic for me personally between graduating college and moving back home, so I decided to take a break from blogging and unfortunately, working out. I promise I’m back and trying new things!

This week I FINALLY got back into the gym and SoulCycle after a 3 week hiatus and let me tell you, my body feels it! After two days of back to back Soul paired with some moderate weightlifting, I was a little more sore than I was expecting. I felt more soreness in my legs and back than I usually would after a hard session. Lucky for me, a fittie friend suggested I try Cryotherapy. My first thought was “holy crap, I’m going to freeze and die! Isn’t Walt Disney frozen like that? Is this even safe? Will this help?” Yes I really did ask about Walt Disney.

As a good millennial should,  I did some research before trying it (obviously) and found that Cryotherapy has some great benefits and is actually very safe.

  • Faster recovery post-workout
    It decreases inflammation so you can get back to being you faster without the pain
    It helps boost metabolism and is said to burn like 800 calories per session. Now I know I’m not alone thinking “Heck yes! Where have you been my entire life?” Also side note, it also helps reduce cellulite WHOOP WHOOP!
  • Boosts Happiness (Endorphins are released into the bloodstream)
    and to quote Legally Blonde “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands”

If you haven’t read up on what it is, Cryotherapy is a pain treatment that uses a method of localized freezing temperatures to deaden irritated nerves (aka another form of icing an injury). Temperatures get down to like -194 degrees Fahrenheit (or at least that’s when I stopped looking at the thermometer).**To those who worry, you’re only in the chamber for 2-3 minutes and can always tell your tech that you need to stop before that time. I lasted 2 minutes before I needed to stop

Before I went into my session, I was told to put on the robe, socks and slippers provided to me and then handed large warm mittens the moment I came into the room with the chamber. Before I got into the chamber, my tech talked me through what exactly was going on, what I would feel, and if at any time I was feeling light headed or that I couldn’t handle the cold to tell her and she would stop the session. OK, makes sense, glad I was told what was possible to happen before I got into the Cryosauna. At first it was a complete body shock because it’s cold (duh!) but it was manageable. As the seconds passed, it was getting colder and colder (also duh!). Also made sure she took a video, which will get posted later for you all to laugh at me. I came out of my two minute session recharged and less tense than when I walked in. I 100% recommend for y’all if you’ve been thinking about trying it or need to find something to help you recover faster.

*I want to say a big “thank you!” to Recover Cryotherapy of Plano for talking me through my first session and making it a great first impression into Cryo, and yes I will be coming back!

Video of my session coming soon(:
And for those of you who have tried it, drop your thoughts in the comment section below!


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