The Importance of a Community

When I started my fitness journey, it was on the recommendation of my friend Mariam (@NewYorkFittie) to take a look at Kayla Istine’s BBG Program. It’s been a huge hit across the world with a significant following, Kayla even has an app. It’s been one of the best communities to have.

While I realized that the BBG program wasn’t the best for me, the women who are a part of the program and who I have become friends with are some of the best supporters. We still meet up and chat about healthy lifestyle in general. My best advice for anyone who is wanting to start but doesn’t feel supported is find that virtual community. There are so many women who are there to offer support. Start that relationship and DM that insta-girl you follow. They can give you some of their best advice.

Funny enough, it’s because of BBG that I met one of my best friends. We had both been at the gym, with our obnoxious headphones on and setting up for our workout. I looked over and noticed that she had the same equipment out as I did for my BBG leg day. I walked over to her and asked if she was doing BBG, and she looked at me with a big smile and said “YES!” We decided to then do our workout together because we realized that having a gym buddy, whether you knew them well or not was going to be there to push you to your limit.

Find THOSE girls at the gym. It’s okay to ask someone what they are doing and have them teach you.


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