Staying Hydrated

I’ve mentioned before that hydration is the key to life.

I started noticing that even I haven’t been getting enough water in my daily routine. I keep having to “force-feed” my self water sometimes and set reminders and it’s just not fun. I finally figured out some fun ways to stay hydrated.

Fruit Infuser

I purchased the Sharpro 32 Oz fruit infusing water bottle off of Amazon. One of my best purchases for walking around campus or sitting at my internship. I throw some cut up fruit in the morning and just keep refilling all day.


2. I cut out coffee

Shocking for a college student, I know. In the mornings instead of going for that bone dry cappuccino or Venti Black Iced Coffee from Starbucks, I instead am opting for caffeinated teas. I intake more water while still getting the necessary caffeine that a college student needs to survive. Green tea is my favorite!


Both of these steps have greatly impacted the amount of water I consume on a daily basis. Before, I was only drinking about 2-3 cups a day in water. Now I am drinking around 6-7 cups of water a day. Mind you though, this was a progressive transition, it takes a lot to get to that amount of water, but it’s definitely something to strive for!


What’s your best tricks for consuming more water?


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