Lessons Learned

I’ve started spending more and more time in the weight room lately, which unfortunately as a female means that more men feel like they have to come up and correct me. I’m going to preface this with saying that I’m sorry for the impending rant.


Ok… Here we go.

A few days ago I had been bench pressing at the gym, finished my workout and then started on assistance work to help completement the strength I had been working on that day. I man I had not spoken to, nor asked for help had come up to me and started telling me everything wrong with my bench press. Now mind you, he had no idea the guy who had been spotting me happened to be my coach (Coach Luke or @LukeyLifts as we affectionately know him by). As he berated me on “my bad form” he also had finished his little tirade by scoffing at me and saying “This is why women don’t belong in the weight room.”

Ok if the story stopped there it just wouldn’t be as rich. Needless to say, after this comment I was pretty pissed because NOBODY tells me I don’t belong in the weight room. So as I kept going through my workout, I watched this guy as he prepared the squat rack for his workout. I watched this guy squat with some of the worst form I have ever seen and with maybe 30 pounds on the bar total (equaling about 75 lbs.) Now at this point, I’m almost horrified. How is this “buff dude gym rat meathead” going to start berating me on my workout when 1. He cant even have proper form (hello future injury) and 2. Squatting less than I do on a daily basis.

I finally realized that my petty self needed to do something. So I went over to the squat rack, looked him up and down and said “and this is why YOU don’t belong in the weight room.”


Ok so that was SUPER petty but the moral of the story is, never let anyone tell you that you don’t belong in the weight room. Make yourself the most muscley version of yourself. Who cares what one person says. As long as you are doing it safely and have a spotter when working with heavy weights you’ll be ok. Don’t let these men intimidate you because they aren’t used to women being on the rack.


End Rant*


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