One of the biggest trends right now in regards to combining fitness and fashion, are wearable trackers.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the FitBit, as well as know about the multiple other fitness trackers that are out on the market. But what makes them so special? Other than this new notion about tracking your steps to make sure you hit 10,000 per day ( which give or take is about 5 miles) here are a few things you may not know that your fitness tracker did.


  1. Track your sleeping patterns

While this technology isn’t fool proof the algorithm is pretty simple. It tracks your movement throughout the night, so if you’re in bed reading a book, the algorithm may count that as sleep, likewise, if you are a sleeper in motion and flail, your data may be skewed because the tracker is counting your movements.


  1. Monitor your heart rate.

There’s a new fitness band out called the Basis Band. It is like a watch and has sensors in it that can track your heart right, trippy right? It’s so sensitive it can even monitor your stress levels!


But the real question, is how do these relate to weight loss and fitness? There are two major reasons people find themselves platoing, or even gaining weight. Stress and lack of sleep. Sometimes the two are connected and sometimes they are not. With new ways to track your patterns and how your daily life affects your body, these applications and wearables can help anyone in the quest for weight loss.


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